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:star: Introduction:

Welcome to Pandora Club, a club dedicated to the manga "Pandora" by :iconartisteri: and :iconsilver-fantasy:. Within the galleries you'll find uploaded pages, illustrations and character artworks by both of us.

If you are interested in following the manga feel free to join! And we are more than happy to add Pandora fanart to our galleries from any deviants that would like to contribute!

:star: Rules:

- All galleries except the Fanart gallery will be off limits to all members but artisteri and Silver-Fantasy. If you would like to submit something to the fanart gallery, you will need to become a member and submit your work.

That's it for now!(unless we can think of anything else. Rules are subject to change). Hope you enjoy the story. Any and all comments and questions welcome!


:bulletgreen:Reason for Pandora:bulletgreen:

We both love manga. We think it's a wonderful medium to tell stories. Being visual people, we love how it pulls emotions with images as opposed to only with words. But there was a point when we were quite disappointed with the selection of manga stories out there. There were so many things that were good, but fell halfway through, or that could have been even better. So we talked and talked and talked some more. We decided to give it a shot, to create our own series and change some of the things that annoyed us. There will always be cliches present, but we've done our best to make them subtle. It's all kind of an experiment, since we're not expert mangaka or anything, but we thought it wouldn't hurt to try. So here we are with our own manga series Pandora and we hope you'll give it a shot! :)

:star:World of Pandora:star:

Set in modern day, Pandora takes place in a world where many humans have developed unique power or abilities (some might call them magical powers). They only manifest in 5% of the general population, and because of their unique abilities, special elite schools have been set up around the world for these unique students.

One such school is Seikyou Academy, located in Japan. It is a very prestigious school, accepting only students with abilities that qualify through a series of interviews. In addition to a very intense curriculum, the school hosts frequent tournaments, pitting the students against each other in order to promote competition, and test different ability capacities and limits.

The general public is still unsure how to take the individual powers, whether to see them as a threat or a benefit to humanity. Yet still, they are already being investigated for military purposes, as well as for medicine, research and many other areas.


Kaori Kanon has always lived contentedly as an average 17-year-old high school student - one without special powers. However, when her comedic parents mistake a natural reaction for their daughter having "abilities", they drag her through a school tour of the prestigious Seikyou Academy, a school where the brightest and most powerful students attend to hone their skills and academics. Initially, Kaori believes she will just fail the interview where she is supposed to display her "powers" to a panel of judges, but after a series of coincidences - including an accidental meeting with a stranger atop the city tower - she is somehow admitted by default, much to her shock and dismay. And as if on cue, the stranger from before suddenly reappears and tells her he has witnessed her power, got her admitted, and demanded to see her power once again.

He is Ryuu Kaneko, a well-known student of Seikyou whose family is a huge benefactor of the school, and though he is extremely vague and hesitant about disclosing information about himself - or the reason behind his mysterious action - Kaori suddenly decides to take a chance (though she is also influenced by an incident in her past) and agrees to try to unlock her supposed abilities that Ryuu seems so sure she possesses. In exchange, he will take care of her tuition with a scholarship.

Upon the first day of school, Kaori is bombarded with advertisers promoting their clubs. These are dedicated to training for the yearly competitions, which pit students' powers against one another before advancing to global competitions. Because they are a huge part of the culture of such academies, Kaori (who has to remain low key until she figures out if in fact her powers do exist) decides to join a group of misfits who claim to be more focused on making friends and having a good time than training. Together with studious president Tarou, his shy childhood friend Rie, the sunshine flirt Arata, and the friendly, onigiri-loving sponsor Ohira-sensei, Kaori takes her first step into the world of Seikyou and gradually builds a comfortable connection with the members of the club, which they collectively name Pandora.

Soon, as Ryuu's story is unraveling alongside Kaori's and merging with hers, they meet up again and she offers him a position in Pandora to make testing her powers easier. She finally gets him to admit why he is in desperate need of her powers, which he has kept from nearly everyone in his life, and the two seem to form a natural bond through their unspoken understanding of each other. Finally, Ryuu's hotheaded best friend Takeru, and a beautiful and mysterious female student named Aoi are the last people to join Pandora as each member and their different pasts link together in unexpected ways. They not only struggle through academic trials, but also learn about friendship, love and happiness, though they are not spared from the darker sides of life as they also cope with secrets, sadness and betrayal. Other important people in their separate but interconnected lives also enrich their experiences and teach them valuable lessons about the finality of the past, the fragility of the present, and the possibilities of the future.

And all the while, the conspiracy behind Seikyou Academy is threatening to unveil...
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